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Benefits Of HHC

  1. HHC & Pain Management: HHC shows promise as an analgesic, relieving discomfort associated with diverse conditions.
  2. HHC & Mood Enhancement: Consumers have reported uplifting effects and a sense of relaxation when using HHC, potentially improving mood and well-being.
  3. HHC & Sleep Support: HHC has shown potential for improving sleep and addressing sleep-related issues, potentially promoting restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Benefits Of HHC-O

  1. HHCO Therapeutic Applications: With its more potent psychoactive effects, HHC-O could be explored for medicinal purposes under appropriate medical supervision. This opens up possibilities for its use in managing specific conditions or symptoms.
  2. HHCO Recreational Use: Individuals seeking more intense psychoactive experiences may find HHC-O appealing, as it offers a heightened recreational experience compared to standard HHC.
  3. HHCO Research and Development: The exploration of HHC-O paves the way for further research and development in cannabinoid science. This could lead to a deeper understanding of its mechanisms of action and potential applications in various fields, including medicine and therapy.

HHC vs. Delta 8

Delta 8 vs. HHC whats the difference

HHC, unlike Delta 8 THC, lacks double bonds in its molecular structure, rendering it significantly distinct. HHC and live resin carts induce a slightly uplifting effect than Delta 8 carts. Some consumers also assert that the manufacturing process of HHC enhances its heat resistance and potency.

HHC Has a Longer Shelf Life

Moreover, HHC boasts a prolonged shelf life due to replacing double bonds with hydrogen atoms during the hydrogenation conversion. This alteration also affects how HHC binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system.


When comparing HHC and HHC-O, some users claim that HHC-O acetate gummies have a slightly faster onset of action. There are also assertions about increased potency, although individual experiences may vary. Our unique blend of HHC and HHCO gummies offers a different experience altogether.

Is HHC Legal

Is HHC legal, a state-by-state guide

Is HHC Legal in Alabama - YES

Is HHC Legal in Alaska - NO

Is HHC Legal in Arizona -NO

Is HHC Legal in Arkansas - NO

Is HHC 8 Legal in California - YES

Is HHC Legal in Colorado - NO

Is HHC Legal in Connecticut - YES

Is HHC Legal in Delaware - NO

Is HHC Legal in Florida - YES

Is HHC Legal in  GeorgiaYES

Is HHC Legal in  HawaiiYES

Is HHC Legal in  IdahoNO

Is HHC Legal in  IllinoisYES

Is HHC Legal in  IndianaYES

Is HHC Legal in  IowaNO

Is HHC Legal in  KansasYES

Is HHC Legal in  KentuckyYES

Is HHC Legal in  LouisianaYES

Is HHC Legal in  MaineYES

Is HHC Legal in  MarylandYES

Is HHC Legal in  MassachusettsYES

Is HHC Legal in  MichiganYES

Is HHC Legal in  Minnesota-KIND OF

Is HHC Legal in  MississippiNO

Is HHC Legal in  MissouriYES

Is HHC Legal in  MontanaNO

Is HHC Legal in  NebraskaYES

Is HHC Legal in  Nevada- YES

Is HHC Legal in  New HampshireYES

Is HHC Legal in  New JerseyYES

Is HHC Legal in  New MexicoYES

Is HHC Legal in  New YorkNO

Is HHC Legal in  North CarolinaYES

Is HHC Legal in  North Dakota- NO

Is HHC Legal in  OhioYES

Is HHC Legal in  OklahomaYES

Is HHC Legal in  OregonYES

Is HHC Legal in  PennsylvaniaYES

Is HHC Legal in  Rhode IslandNO

Is HHC Legal in  South CarolinaYES

Is HHC Legal in  South DakotaYES

Is HHC Legal in  TennesseeYES

Is HHC Legal in  TexasYES

Is HHC Legal in  UtahNO

Is HHC Legal in  VermontNO

Is HHC Legal in  VirginiaYES

Is HHC Legal in  Washington- NO

Is HHC Legal in  West VirginiaYES

Is HHC 8 Legal in  WisconsinYES

Is HHC Legal in  WyomingYES

live resin vs. distillate cart, whats the difference

Distillate vs. Live Resin

Live resin and distillate are potent cannabis concentrates produced using solvent-based extraction methods. While they share this commonality, distinct characteristics set them apart.

Live Resin Terpenes

Terpenes: Live resin extracts typically contain 4%-12% terpenes, preserving the original plant's flavor, fragrance, and full-spectrum chemical profile. In contrast, distillates have a minimal terpene content that is barely measurable.

Is Live Resin Stronger? 

Experience: Live resin is highly potent, providing a similar experience to cannabis flower while retaining the natural qualities of the plant. It offers a full-spectrum high. Distillates, with over 90% concentration of THC and devoid of balancing terpenes and non-psychoactive compounds, deliver a more intense high. Therefore, the high produced by distillates is more extreme compared to live resin.

Cannabinoids: Live resin typically contains THC in the range of 45%-90% and can be rich in CBD, with up to 90% depending on the strain used. 

Distillates, conversely, contain 90%-99% of a primary cannabinoid such as CBG, CBD, CBN, or THC.

Products: Live resin products come in various textures, from glassy to sugary, and can be smoked using dab rigs, vape pens, joints, or bowls. Live resin products include sauce, shatter, butter, sugar, crumble, diamonds, and vape oil.

Distillates are highly versatile with an odorless, colorless, and purified finish. They can be found in HHC beverages, HHC edibles, topicals, and suppositories. Distillates can also be added to dab rigs, vape cartridges, bowls, and HHC Pre-Rolls.


In summary, live resin offers a more balanced experience, preserving the natural qualities of the plant. At the same time, distillates provide a highly concentrated and intense high, devoid of terpenes and non-psychoactive compounds. The choice between the two depends on personal preferences and desired effects.

normal carts vs. live resin carts

Live Resin Carts vs. Normal Carts

Live Resin Carts vs. Normal Carts: A Comparison

Live Resin Carts are crafted using a specially extracted form of cannabis oil from freshly harvested plants without drying or curing. Extraction involves freezing the plant material to retain its potency, flavor, and aroma. As a result, Live Resin Carts offer heightened potency, robust flavor, and a more intense aroma than Normal Carts.

On the other hand, Normal Carts are filled with cannabis oil obtained from dried and cured plants. The extraction process for Normal Carts is more efficient and cost-effective. Still, the resulting product is typically less potent, and its flavor and aroma may be milder compared to Live Resin Carts. Additionally, Normal Carts are often more affordable than Live Resin Carts.

Live Resin Carts vs. Normal Carts: Contrasting Features

Live Resin Carts and Normal Carts exhibit notable differences in potency, flavor, aroma, and cost. Live Resin Carts offer a premium experience with higher potency, superior flavor, and a strong scent, but they are typically more expensive. Conversely, Normal Carts are a budget-friendly option with consistent potency but may provide a different flavor and aroma than Live Resin Carts.

In summary, Live Resin Carts and Normal Carts are popular choices for consuming cannabis concentrates, each offering a different experience. Live Resin Carts deliver a more robust and flavorful taste due to the use of freshly harvested material, while Normal Carts are derived from cured and dried flowers. Ultimately, the selection between the two depends on personal preference and desired outcomes.

whats the best voltage for a live resin cart

Best Voltage For A Live Resin Cart?

Optimal Voltage and Temperature for Vaping Live Resin Carts

You can achieve satisfying results by vaping Live Resin Carts at 2.5V to 3.3V. Some argue that you can push it up to 3.7V, but it is better to exercise caution. Regarding temperature, it is recommended to start around 315°F and avoid exceeding 400°F.

Generally speaking, stick to low to mid-range voltage and temperature settings when using Live Resin Carts.

Use Slightly Higher Temperatures for Hemp-Derived Live Resin Carts

For those interested in hemp-derived Live Resin, it may be necessary to increase the temperature compared to THC carts. CBD has a slightly higher boiling point than THC. Most tests suggest that CBD boils at around 356°F, while THC reaches this state at approximately 315°F.

Experiment With Your Live Resin

Since CBD already has a more subtle effect than THC, users may not fully experience the benefits of CBD if they keep the temperature at 315°F. Of course, you must experiment with different temperatures and voltages to find what works best for them. However, most vapers find that setting the temperature slightly higher for hemp-derived CBD Live Resin carts provides better results than equivalent marijuana vape carts.

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