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sugar free live rosin gummy bears

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Sugar-Free LIve Resin Delta 9 Gummies 

  • 5mg live resin Delta 9 per gummy
  • 25 live resin gummies per bag (125mg Delta 9 total)
  • Each gummy weighs 2g. These live resin gummy bears are half the size of your average gummy bear. 
  • Flavors: Pineapple (transparent), Raspberry (red), Citrus (yellow), and Mango (orange) 
  • Natural Flavors & Plant-Based Colors 
  • Contains Wheat 


Keep Tabs on Your Sugar Intake! 

Indulge in the potent 5mg live resin Delta 9 THC distillate in every Injoy Extracts' sugar-free gummy bear. With 25 gummies per pack, you receive 125mg of Live Resin Delta 9 THC, making it the go-to choice for those conscious about sugar consumption.

Completely sugar-free Live Resin Gummies.

Taste So True, You'd Think It Contains Sugar. Choosing health shouldn't mean compromising on flavor. Our sugar-free live resin delicacies offer a profound and full-bodied taste, proving that going sugarless doesn't equate to losing out on deliciousness.

Adheres to Keto and Paleo Standards 

Keeping pace with Modern Dietary Trends? As health-centric diets like Keto and Paleo become more popular, it's essential to have alternatives that align with these lifestyles. With zero added sugars, these gummy bears are a delightful twist to regular sugary THC gummies.


Live Resin Gummy Ingredients: 

Maltitol syrup, sorbitol powder, steviol glycosides, beef gelatin, citric acid, natural flavor, carnauba wax, sunflower oil, plant-based color (black carrot juice, paprika oleoresin, turmeric oleoresin), wheat starch.

Live Resin Gummies Suggested use: 

With all THC gummies, we suggest starting with a small dose. Start with one gummy and wait at least two hours to see how you feel. Once you do that, you can adjust your dose accordingly. 

  • Best CBD Confectionary - CBD Expo Midwest

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