Delta 9 Tinctures



Does Delta 9 get you high in tinctures?

Yes, Delta 9 gets you high as it is the psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant (both hemp and marijuana contain Delta-9 THC in different levels) with much less concentrations in the hemp family. Thanks to the Farm Bill and technology, manufacturers can safely extract Delta 9 from hemp, the same manner as CBD and Delta 8 extraction.

This has led to a surge in hemp-derived Delta 9 products, especially Delta 9 edibles in Minnesota thanks to progressive legislation. The effects of smoking Delta-9 compared to Delta-9 in tinctures varies on individual, quality as well as what base the tincture is; such as alcohol based or a coconut oil.

It’s important to note that while Delta 9 oil can get you high in tinctures, many consumers choose Delta-9 tinctures because they make Delta 9 dosing easy, quick and quite accurate. Another key factor is Delta 9 tinctures deliver smaller amounts of THC per dose, allowing consumers to enjoy Delta 9 THC benefits without the overpowering effect of feeling high from hemp-derived Delta 9. Trying to get a long-lasting and potent high, try looking at bulk Delta 9 gummies which deliver up to 10mg of Delta 9 each gummy. Unlike other cannabinoids, hemp-derived Delta 9 distillate is still very expensive and difficult to find.

How are there legal Delta 9 edibles and tinctures?

One of the most frequent questions is confusion on how Delta 9 Edibles, Delta 9 tinctures and even some drinks are Federally Legal - even when “THC” is not. This is thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which allows manufacturers to utilize hemp. As long as legal Delta 9 edibles don’t contain more than 0.3% of the cannabinoid on the basis of dry weight.

As cannabis consists of both hemp and marijuana, Delta 9 gummies, tinctures and edibles can be manufactured from hemp-derived sources. If looking to buy Delta 9 edibles online, a main concern researching where to buy Delta 9 gummies online is to verify lab results. We take safety seriously ensuring all our cannabinoids are third-party lab tested with COA’s and be transparent with the safety profile. Many vendors, especially buying Delta 9 in a smoke shop, will not provide this information.

Is Delta 9 edibles, tinctures and beverages safe?

There are no reported Delta 9 side-effects that we aren't aware of already. Additionally, many consumers find hemp-derived Delta 9 edibles to be “softer” than marijuana-derived Delta-9 THC. A major aspect to combat any potential discomfort is the addition of CBD which helps relieve any paranoia or uncomfortable effects.

Our Delta 9 gummies contain CBD for this purpose, however our Delta 9 tincture does not contain any CBD.

As with any psychoactive substance, Delta 9 tinctures are for adults 21+ and should only be consumed in a safe setting.

Do not operate machinery, drive or any other dangerous activity when consuming legal Delta 9 edibles, including tinctures. Each individual reacts differently to Delta-9 THC as well. Always keep out of reach from children, pets and make sure Delta 9 edibles remain properly labeled. Our Delta-9 oil is easy to store, seal and keep out of reach - be responsible

How long does Delta 9 high last?

The duration of Delta-9 effects varies on many factors, ranging from metabolism, stomach contents, quality of legal Delta 9 edible or other products and most importantly your tolerance compared to the amount you take. Consuming higher amounts of Delta 9 oil, Delta 9 gummies or other THC products will produce more potent, longer lasting effects. These effects can last from approximately 8 to even 24 hours; as consumers have reported waking up feeling a Delta 9 high the next day.

Remember, the “high” Delta 9 dosing rule is 10mg, unlike 50mg Delta 8 gummies. Our Delta 9 tincture delivers 1mg of Delta 9 THC per dosage, as it is meant to provide anxiety-relief, mood enhancement and other benefits without inducing a high. Think of it as microdosing cannabis in a sense.

What is the effect of Delta 9 gummies compared to Delta 9 tincture?

As mentioned previously Delta 9 gummies compared to Delta 9 oil is quite different due to the dosage. You can expect to feel the benefits and effects of Delta 9 faster through a tincture, however our Delta 9 tinctures are much less potent than our Delta 9 gummies.

Delta 9 tincture provides just enough relief to feel good while remaining productive…unless you take a high-dosage of Delta 9 oil. Our Delta 9 gummies are Federally compliant, packed with 5mg of Delta 9 or 10mg Delta 9 gummies.

Additionally, Injoy Extract’s sells some of the only legal Delta 9 with CBD gummies. This blend is premium to induce optimal effects from Delta 9, while the CBD keeps overpowering and uncomfortable effects away.

Will hemp-derived Delta 9 oil fail a drug test?

Yes, plain and simple. Legal Delta 9 edibles, including Delta 9 tinctures, will cause you to fail a drug test. Some confuse hemp-derived as simply CBD and that is very inaccurate. Will Delta 8 tinctures fail a drug test? Delta-8 THC is an active form of THC, therefore Delta 8 will fail a drug test. Don't take a risk if you have a test coming up, always be safe.

This is because “legal Delta 9 edibles” signifies the source of Delta-9 THC is hemp-derived and Federally Compliant. However, legal does not mean it won’t induce the same effects as Delta 9 THC derived from marijuana. With those amazing benefits is also the trace of THC in your system from any type of Delta 9 product.