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FAQ: How to Buy Weed Online

Is it safe to buy weed online and have it mailed to my door?

Navigating the legality of hemp cannabinoids, including those derived from hemp, requires understanding both federal and state laws.

Federally, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp-derived cannabinoids, but with stipulations. For instance, Delta 9 THC content must be below 0.3% on a dry weight basis. 

However, states have their regulations, fully embracing these beneficial cannabinoids, while others restrict or ban them outright. 

States like Colorado, which have recreational marijuana illegally, have deemed Delta 8 gummies, vapes and other hemp-derived cannabinoids as illegal.  

Always research current local laws before purchasing, as they can change swiftly, and make sure you can fly with weed gummies if traveling, as the legal landscape is subject to change and varies widely across the United States. 

What are the differences between Delta 8, Delta 9, and THCA flower?

The key differences among Delta 8, Delta 9, and THCA flower lie in their chemical structures, potency, and legal status.

Delta 8 is a milder, less psychoactive cannabinoid, while Delta 9 is the primary intoxicating compound in cannabis.

THCA pre-rolls, on the other hand, are the raw, unheated form of THC, offering unique therapeutic benefits.

Can hemp-derived cannabis flower like THCA get me high?

Yes, natural hemp variants like Delta 8 flower provide a lighter high, while Delta 9 offers a traditional cannabis experience.

Heat-activated THCA converts to THC, which causes euphoria.

How to buy weed online safely?

Only order from manufacturers known for their commitment to security, detailed product insights, customer reviews, and strict adherence to legal standards. 

This includes third-party lab testing and age verification for those who want to buy bud online, including preroll joints and cannabis concentrates like HHC distillate and THCA diamonds. 

At Injoy Extracts, now only do we offer unbeatable deals, random cannabis coupons for members, but also the latest cheap pre rolls online with 2-day shipping.

NOTE:We will not ship any products, even Federally Complaint cannabis flower, to any states or jurisdictions with conflicting legislation or are prohibited. Additionally, you must be 21+ to order or consume any cannabis products which may induce psychoactive effects.  

Do you sell exotic strains of weed? 

Absolutely! Discover the latest in cannabis innovation with our selection of new weed strains, perfect for enthusiasts eager to explore fresh experiences.

From the creative minds of leading brands like 3Chi, Tre House, and AiroPro, we bring you exceptional quality and groundbreaking varieties. Cannabis strains vary, and new exotic strains are released yearly. Each strain has unique benefits.

Sativa strains are more energizing and uplifting, while Indica-dominant strains are more relaxing and calming. We recommend sampling different strains to see which induces the benefits and effects that work for you.

Will hemp products, including Delta 8 and THCA, fail a drug test?

Consuming hemp items, including Delta 8 and THCA joints, poses a risk of failing drug tests due to their THC analogs.

Drug screenings can't always differentiate between various THC forms, including HHC vapes and gummies, possibly leading to a failed test.