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Tre House Mango Smoothie Magic Mushroom Vape - Experience tropical mango ecstasy in an environmentally friendly, consciousness-expanding vape.

Product Details

Embark on a Psychedelic Journey with Tre House's Mango Smoothie Magic Mushroom Vape

Begin an extraordinary adventure of self-exploration with the Mango Smoothie Magic Mushroom Vape from Tre House. This cutting-edge vape pen marries the lush, tropical flavor of mango smoothie with the transformative essence of magic mushrooms, creating an enjoyable and profound journey into the depths of your psyche.

Highlights of Tre House Mango Smoothie Magic Mushroom Vape

  • 2 Gram Disposable Pen: Pre-loaded with 2 grams of high-quality magic mushroom extract, it's your ticket to a psychedelic adventure.
  • Lush Mango Smoothie Taste: Savor the sweet, tropical mango smoothie flavor, enhancing your psychedelic voyage.
  • Long-lasting Use: With about 800 puffs per pen, you can look forward to an extended exploration.
  • Natural and Brain-Enhancing Blend: Combines natural extracts with brain-enhancing ingredients for a well-rounded, mind-opening experience.
  • Purely Psychedelic: Dedicated to delivering a pure magic mushroom experience, free from cannabinoids.
  • Notice of Psychotropic Effects: Be aware that significant psychotropic experiences may occur. Use with care.

Your Portal to Inner Discovery 

The House's Mango Smoothie Magic Mushroom Vape is crafted for those keen on delving into their consciousness or exploring the therapeutic effects of psychedelics in a subtle, eco-friendly manner. Each puff is a step towards personal discovery and expansion, leading you to an unmatched exploration of your mind's essence.

  • Authentic and Powerful: Experience the true essence of magic mushrooms with no fillers for a genuine journey.
  • Uninterrupted Journey: A rechargeable battery ensures up to 800 puffs, so your exploration continues.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Our disposable vape pen is designed with the environment in mind, showing our planet some love.
  • Deep Psychedelic Adventure: Aimed at raising your awareness and offering an absorbing, enlightening experience.

Journey Confidently

The Mango Smoothie Magic Mushroom Vape from Tre House is your gateway to unlocking new insights and perspectives.

Unique Benefits:

  • Deep Relaxation and Enhanced Mood: Experience a calm, psychedelic effect that deepens your exploration of consciousness.

Steps to a Fulfilling Journey

  • Unveil Your Adventure: Start by unwrapping your Tre House Mango Smoothie Magic Mushroom Vape.
  • Taste the Tropics: Put the vape to your lips and inhale the rich, tropical flavor of mango smoothie.
  • Surrender to the Journey: Let the experience take you, diving deep into the wonders of your mind.

Perfect for the Discreet 

  • Simple and Discrete: Ideal for those seeking an effortless yet deep psychedelic experience.
  • Ready to Go: Comes pre-charged and filled, making the start of your journey smooth and easy.

Dedicated to Safe and Mindful Exploration

The House is committed to a safe and enjoyable journey with the Mango Smoothie Magic Mushroom Vape, advocating for responsible exploration.

Safety Advice:

  • For Adult Use: Designed for individuals 21 and older.
  • Use With Caution: Avoid driving or using heavy machinery while enjoying the vape due to its psychoactive effects.
  • Consult Healthcare Professionals: It is recommended for those with health concerns to talk to a healthcare provider before use.

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