Bulk CBG Gummies



What are CBG Gummies?

The cannabinoid known as CBG (cannabigerol) is the most important in the cannabis plant. THC and CBD occur in much higher concentrations in the cannabis plant, however, making bulk CBG gummies requires much more. This is due to CBG’s presence as a minor cannabinoid, only showing up as about 1% of the plant. 

CBG exists because of the decarboxylation of cannabigerol acid (CBGa which has been attributed to the potential prevention of COVID) the precursor molecule to CBG. The major of CBG in cannabis (hemp and marijuana) is converted to make THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids during growth. This is why CBG benefits are continually discovered with it being the “mother” of all cannabinoids - Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, and CBD would not be active without CBG conversion. Ever since the pandemic, CBG used for the immune system is skyrocketing.

How Does CBG Make You Feel?

As the effects of CBG continue to be researched the cannabis plant gains more and more traction in the media. This year the first CBG for skincare benefits was published as the results provided stunning, clear and glowing skin.

The benefits of bulk CBG gummies are a long list, the most prominent CBG gummies benefits are appetite stimulation, anti-inflammatory and powerful antibacterial properties. Research also suggests that bulk CBG gummies may have neuroprotective qualities as well. CBG can be good for anxiety in certain individuals as well!

Does CBG Get You High?

Consumers love CBG gummies for the effects, but note that CBG does not get you high. CBG will not get you high in any dose, though it may make you drowsy. It is packed with health benefits currently sought out by the public - plus our bulk CBG gummies taste delicious. You can take CBG gummies and CBD together as CBG is not psychoactive, but as always do your research. Every substance can affect individuals differently. 

Some people do take CBG and Delta 8 together while others don’t - but the question is asked a lot. The properties of CBG continue to be discovered but unlike Delta 9 gummies or Delta 8 gummies, note bulk CBG gummies are sought after for their packed health benefits and natural help with anxiety. This cannabinoid is not intended to get you “high” or euphoric.