THC Syrup - 1000mg

THC Syrup: Effects & Benefits

What is TreHouse THC syrup? 

Delta 9 syrup is a meticulously crafted concoction of high-quality cannabis extract and a delicious mix of flavors; ideal for enhancing your favorite beverages. 

How does Delta 9 syrup differ from lean? 

"Lean," a concoction blending prescription cough syrup with codeine, poses significant health risks and legal repercussions owing to its addictive nature and controlled components.  

Hemp-derived, Federally Compliant Delta 9 THC syrup offers a safer, legal alternative, delivering the euphoria of cannabis in an innovative method without the dangers associated with lean.

How many MG of TreHouse syrup should I take? 

Always begin slowly with new products to ensure an optimal high or relief. 

Each bottle of TRĒ House THC Syrup contains their celebrated cocktail of 1000mg of D9 + D8 THC in a 4oz bottle. 

We advise consuming a teaspoon, approximately 5ml, to evaluate the effects safely within 30-45 minutes and evaluate your buzz to adjust the dose that comfortably gives you relief or euphoria. 

What benefits and effects can I expect from THC syrup?

Enjoy personalized and safe weed lean with a robust dose of Delta 9 and 8 available in two delectable flavors, Bussin Berry and Watermelon THC syrup

Delta 9 syrup generates a potent, pleasurable high that can be discreetly enjoyed, including relaxation, mood uplift, balanced head/body buzz, and mild trippy sensations with cannabis syrup. 

Don't forget to try our live resin gummies, crafted with a similar blend of Delta 8 THC and Delta 9, extracted from frozen cannabis to maintain the Blue Dream terpene taste. 

How to make THC syrup?

We don't recommend making your weed syrup, as you're most likely to ruin expensive cannabis; grab one from Injoy Extracts if you want to ensure you get a buzz.

Infusing cannabis syrup involves a complex process as it requires premium cannabis oil or concentrates as well as several other ingredients.

How potent is Delta 9 THC syrup? 

TreHouse THC syrup is loaded with an innovative and potent blend containing Delta 9 + Delta 8, masked with a sweet flavor of berries to make consumption almost too easy.  

They are packed with 1000mg of premium THC, approximately 23 servings each delivering a euphoric dose of 43.5mg cannabinoids.  

Consumers with a high tolerance can add our Delta 9 tincture to a THC syrup-infused beverage to create the ultimate weed lean elixir, inducing euphoria and relief from aches and pains.

How long do the effects of Delta 9 syrup last?

TreHouse THC syrup distinguishes itself from smoking THCA flower or other cannabis flower you can buy online by providing a prolonged and immersive high that can last up to 4-12 hours. 


Unlike the rapid onset and short duration of smoking, the syrup offers sustained effects, making it ideal for extended enjoyment without the need for frequent re-dosing.