Is Delta 8 THC legal in Vermont?

NO, Delta 8 is not legal in Vermont

Is Delta 8 Legal In Vermont?

Delta 8 THC is not legal according to Vermont state law. But Delta 9 THC is legal.

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§ 6.3.

The Vermont Hemp Rules were adopted in May 2020 and ban the “use of synthetic cannabinoids in the production of any hemp product or hemp-infused product.” Vermont Hemp Rules § 6.3. So, while naturally occurring delta-8-THC is not barred from hemp or hemp products, Vermont producers cannot manufacture the delta-8-THC cannabinoid from hemp.

Because the Vermont Hemp Rules expressly prohibit the use of synthetic cannabinoids in hemp products and/or hemp-infused product, Vermont Hemp Program registrants that manufacture and/or label products containing delta-8-THC are violating State law and risk enforcement by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets. In addition, delta-8-THC manufactured from hemp may be a controlled substance under federal and/or State law. As a result, anyone who uses, possesses, or distributes delta-8-THC may face federal and/or State criminal sanctions.

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Is Delta 9 THC legal in Vermont?

Yes, Delta 9 is legal in Vermont

Delta 9 THC is legal according to Vermont state law. 

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Is HHC legal in Vermont?

NO, HHC is not legal in Vermont