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legant tin of LITTO Hemp's Sky Walker OG Mini Pre-Rolls, showcasing the premium quality and exclusivity.

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LITTO Boutiq THCA Mini Joints

Boutiq Mini Joints Product Info:

  • Pack of 6 Mini Pre-Rolls: Each Sky Walker OG pre-roll is meticulously coated with THCA diamond dust for a luxurious smoking experience.
  • Sky Walker OG Strain - Indica: Sourced from premium Indica hemp, these pre-rolls offer a deeply relaxing and soothing effect.
  • THCA Diamond Dust Enhancement: The lavish coating of THCA diamond dust on each pre-roll ensures a potent and exclusive experience.
  • Ideal Choice for Indica Aficionados: Perfectly crafted for those who appreciate the deep relaxation and comfort that Indica strains provide.


Open tin container revealing six luxurious Sky Walker OG mini pre-rolls, each adorned with THCA diamond dust.

  • THCA Disclaimer: This product is not available for shipment to the following states: Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont

The THCA Experience:

  • As part of LITTO Hemp's Diamond Encrusted Indica Series, Sky Walker OG is designed to transport you to tranquility and peace.
  • These pre-rolls are your perfect companion for unwinding after a long day, offering a serene and indulgent escape.

Sky Walker OG Strain:

  • Immerse yourself in the rich, earthy tones with subtle hints of fruity undertones, making each puff of Sky Walker OG a luxurious treat.
  • The unique blend of cannabinoids in this strain promises a consistently enjoyable and flavorful experience.


  • Featuring LITTO Hemp's exclusive THC-A Blend, combining the finest cannabinoids and hemp-derived ingredients for a blissful journey.
  • Users can expect a robust and euphoric sensation, further enhanced by the high-quality THC-A in each pre-roll.

  • Best CBD Confectionary - CBD Expo Midwest

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