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Delta 8 Live Resin Disposable Vape from Trehouse, showcasing sleek design for an enhanced and flavorful vaping experience

Product Details


  • Two grams of premium Live Resin Delta 8 THC: Potency redefined.
  • Flavor profile inspired by the renowned Green Crack strain.
  • Pure experience with absolutely NO additives.
  • Delivers an intensity surpassing that long-forgotten homemade gummy!


Delta 8 THC Live Resin Vape:

Prepare for an unparalleled Delta 8 experience. Dive into the enticing world of our Green Crack Delta 8 disposable vape pen, curated for enthusiasts like you. It boasts 2 grams of premium Delta 8 THC and is designed for prolonged use with over 800 potent puffs. Unique in its kind, this disposable pen also offers rechargeability. Elevate your THC indulgence with the premium essence of Green Crack.

Tre House Live Resin Effects:

  • Very Chill
  • Talkative
  • Euphoric 


Delta 8 Live Resin - Benefits:

  • Enhanced relaxation
  • Boosted mood elevation
  • Soothing body buzz
  • Gentle head buzz


Live Resin THC Disposable - User Guide  

Using our Delta 8 Live Resin Vape Pens is a breeze:

  1. Unbox the pen.
  2. Place it against your lips.
  3. Revel in the rich Delta 8 essence.

The TRĒ House difference? Our vape pens arrive pre-charged and loaded with cannabinoids, simplifying your experience. If vapor intensity wanes, recharge. Once depleted, the cell ceases to operate – discard responsibly.

Ideal For: Those yearning for a potent Delta 8 fix discreetly. It is a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts, especially if classic strains captivate your senses.

THC Live Resin Carts Safety Guidelines

  • Psychotropic effects potential. 21+ age restriction.
  • Abstain from operating machinery or driving post-use.
  • Individual Delta 8 responses vary; seek physician advice before indulging.

Live Resin Cart Recommendations:

    • Ensure the doctor's approval.
    • Adhere to the recommended dosage.
    • Avoid if pregnant, nursing, or below 21.
    • Unsuitable for diagnosed/undiagnosed health issues.


Trehouse Supplemental Facts

Serving Size: 1 Puff

Servings Per Container: Approx. 800

Calories: 0

Sugar: 0

Total Fat: 0

Cannabinoids: Total of 1755mg per pen

Delta-8: 1755mg

*Daily Value Not Established

Ingredients: Hemp-derived live Resin Delta-8 THC, Proprietary Terpene Blend, Proprietary Terpene Blend


Remember, safe and responsible use ensures the best experience.

  • Best CBD Confectionary - CBD Expo Midwest

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