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Delta 8 THC Gummies bag by Injoy Extracts, 114 count, vegan, 50mg each, made in USA.

Product Details

Premium Hemp-Derived THC Gummies:

  • Potency and Packaging:

    • 1lb bag with 114 Delta 8 Gummies
    • 50 mg Delta 8 THC per gummy
  • Quality and Composition:

    • Vegan-friendly formula
    • Made in the USA from hemp-derived Delta 8
    • Rigorously third-party lab tested for purity and safety

Benefits of Delta 8 THC:

  • Milder High Compared to Delta 9:

    • Offers therapeutic benefits with less psychoactivity
    • Ideal for relieving anxiety and chronic pain and enhancing focus
  • Legality and Compliance:

    • Legal in most US states, crafted from hemp

Why Buy Bulk?

  • Cost-Effective:

    • Save money and ensure a constant supply
    • Avoid last-minute purchases at higher prices
  • Convenience:

    • Always have your THC gummies on hand.

Dosage Guidance:

  • Start Low, Go Slow:

    • 50mg may be potent for beginners; consider starting with a lower dose
    • Adjust gradually to find your ideal experience

Traveling with Delta 8 Gummies:

  • Travel-Friendly:

    • Generally permissible on flights within the US
    • Check airline policies and destination laws beforehand

Experience Duration:

  • Lasting Effects:

    • A 50mg gummy typically offers 4-6 hours of effects
    • Ingestion leads to a prolonged experience compared to other methods

Delta 8 gummy Ingredients:

Sugar, tapioca syrup, DI water, pectin, citric acid,  hemp-derived delta 8 THC distillate, sodium citrate, natural flavoring, natural coloring  


Delta 8 Gummies Nutrition Facts:

Serving size: 1 gummy (3.5g), amount per serving DV%, Calories 8, Total Carbohydrates 2g (1%), dietary fiber 0g, Total Sugars 2g, Total Fat 0g (0%), vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 0%, calcium 0%, iron 0% 


This product is not available for shipment to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia.

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