AiroPro Vape Pen Q&A

What cartridges work with AiroPro?

Thanks to AiroPro battery excellent magnetic design which has no hold button, simply draw and feel the hit as your AiroPro sport battery or other variety takes in a massive, smooth draw of premium AiroPro CBD cartridges.

This magnetic design does limit AiroPro battery to only work with their AiroPro CBD Carts, such as their AiroPro cartridges Artisan series and the Live Flower series. If you would like to use 510 thread cartridges with an AiroPro vape pen, you will need a 510 cartridge magnetic connector. This will allow you to connect any 510 cartridge to an AiroPro sport battery or others.

Are AiroPro cartridges good?

AiroPro cartridges are of the utmost quality. Derived from premium hemp, AiroPro CBD cartridges and the AiroPro Artisian Series cartridges are two of the top vape cartridges to buy.

Thanks to the AiroPro vape pen and AiroPro sport battery innovative, magnetic design - you can expect a premium vaping experience from AiroPro vape pen as well as cartridges due to a perfect fit and high-quality extracts and terpenes.

Where to buy AiroPro cartridges?

AiroPro vape pen has many cartridges, if searching where to buy an AiroPro cartridge near you - try an authorized online vendor. AIRO is an exclusive brand, making AiroPro cartridges and AiroPro batteries a rare and quality treasure.

We suggest purchasing through us as an authorized AiroPro cartridge vendor. You can order several variations of AiroPro cartridges including the AiroPro Cartridge Artisan Series and the AiroPro cartridge Live Flower Series.

Where to buy AiroPro battery?

AiroPro is a high-quality, innovative, and precise brand. Only buy AiroPro vape pen online from an authorized vendor such as Injoy Extracts. When searching online for AiroPro cartridges or AiroPro sport battery be aware many sites are likely to sell knockoffs or defective AiroPro vape pen and AiroSport batteries.

AIRO, the producer of AiroPro vape pen and AiroPro sport battery (among more), is exclusive and recently did a nationwide dispensary tour to kick off new recreational AiroPro cartridges near local residents. Injoy Extracts has been an authorized vendor of AirPro battery, AiroPro sport battery and AiroPro cartridge online including AiroPro CBD cartridges.