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This is a picture of TRE House THCa Liquid Budder Disposable Vape Pen - White Widow strain, 2g live resin, rechargeable for 800 puffs, zero additives, pure and potent vaping.

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  • Versatile Use: Perfect for new and experienced users seeking a potent, flavorful experience.
  • Easy to Use: The disposable nature of the vape pen makes it hassle-free and convenient.
  • Rechargeable Feature: Ensures you get the most out of your vape pen, delivering approximately 800 puffs per device.
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TRE House THCa Liquid Budder Disposable Vape Pens offer a premium vaping experience with a potent live resin liquid budder. Choose the legendary White Widow for a pure, clean, intense journey. With the convenience of a rechargeable and disposable design, these vape pens are perfect for users seeking maximum enjoyment with minimal hassle. Experience the ultimate in vaping with TRE House!


 TRE House THCa Liquid Budder Disposable 

Discover the ultimate vaping experience with TRE House THCa Liquid Budder Disposable Vape Pen. Choose the hybrid White Widow for a potent, flavorful journey with zero additives and pure enjoyment. Enjoy the convenience of a rechargeable, disposable vape pen designed to elevate your sessions.

White Widow

  • Potent Formula: Each vape pen contains 2g of highly potent live resin liquid budder.
  • Flavor Profile: Savor the timeless, legendary taste of the White Widow strain.
  • Convenient and Rechargeable: This disposable vape pen is rechargeable, providing approximately 800 puffs for maximum enjoyment.
  • Pure and Clean: ZERO additives ensure a pure vaping experience.
  • Ultimate Experience: Prepare to blast off with intense effects.
  • Safety Note: It may cause psychotropic effects.

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