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A Picture of the new Tre House product sunset sherbet indica THCA live resin liquid budder vape pen

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  • Versatile Use: Perfect for new and experienced users seeking a potent, flavorful experience.
  • Easy to Use: The disposable nature of the vape pen makes it hassle-free and convenient.
  • Rechargeable Feature: Ensures you get the most out of your vape pen, delivering approximately 800 puffs per device.
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TRE House THCA Liquid Budder Disposable.

This vape pen offers a premium vaping experience with a potent live resin liquid budder. Choose the delightful Sunset Sherbert for a pure, clean, intense journey. With the convenience of a rechargeable and disposable design, these vape pens are perfect for users seeking maximum enjoyment with minimal hassle. Experience the ultimate in vaping with TRE House!


Sunset Sherbert THCA Vape Pen:

Potent Formula: Each vape pen contains 2g of highly potent live resin liquid budder.

Flavor Profile: Savor the delightful, fruity taste of the Sunset Sherbert strain.

Convenient and Rechargeable: This disposable vape pen is rechargeable, providing approximately 800 puffs for maximum enjoyment.

Pure and Clean: ZERO additives ensure a pure vaping experience.

Ultimate Experience: Prepare to blast off with intense effects.

Safety Note: It may cause psychotropic effects.

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