We understand it can be frustrating when your disposable pen, cartridge, or battery doesn't work as expected. Before taking them back to the dispensary for further examination by a technician, there are troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the issue, saving you the trip potentially.

Storing Your Vape Carts

It is essential to store disposable pens, cartridges, and batteries at room temperature. Avoid leaving them in your car or where they may be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations. Additionally, store these items upright rather than laying them on their sides. Keeping them upright helps prevent the formation of air bubbles, which can affect their performance.

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Disposable Vape Pens  

Once you take the initial puff or draw from a disposable vape pen, the battery is activated and cannot be turned off or recharged. Typically, you have approximately 30 days to consume all the products before the battery depletes. It's important to note that if you try out the pen and then save it for later use, the battery may not have any charge left if you wait too long. To address this issue, an increasing number of cannabis brands are introducing rechargeable disposable vape pens as a solution.

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Pull-To-Draw and Push Button Batteries

You can insert a vape cartridge into either a pull-to-draw or push-button style battery. Pull-to-draw batteries only require the user to “puff” or “draw” to use. Push-button-style batteries have a singular button that you must push five times rapidly to turn on and off. That same button can then be pushed three times rapidly to cycle between low, medium, and high-temperature settings. Varying light colors usually indicate those heat settings.

Clogged Cart - Problems and Fixes

My cartridge worked at first and then stopped working

It is possible that the holes in the cart have become clogged with oil. To address this, you can attempt the following steps:
  • Warm the cartridge: Use a hairdryer on its lowest heat setting or rub the cartridge between your hands to warm up the oil and alter its viscosity.
  • Gently clear the clog: To help remove the clog, carefully insert a toothpick or a safety pin into the hole, applying gentle pressure.

My vape pen doesn’t work at all

  • It is possible to insert a vape cartridge too deep, causing it to not connect with the contact on the battery. This situation can occur when the cartridge is frequently removed and reattached to the battery. If this happens, you can rectify it by gently pulling up the connection (using your fingernail, a pen cap, or a paperclip) until it is level and properly aligned.

  • Examine the battery contact for any signs of clogs or coatings. If you notice such issues, take a Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol and carefully clean the contact area. Allow the terminal to dry entirely before reconnecting your cartridge to the battery and attempting to use it again. Avoid over tightening the cartridge to prevent any complications.

  • Ensure that your battery is both turned on and fully charged. Pull-to-draw batteries are designed to be always on, so there's no need to worry about turning them on. However, if you use a battery with a button, you can activate it by quickly pressing the button five times. Additionally, when using a button-operated battery, remember to hold the button while drawing from your vape.

How To Keep Carts From Clogging

Avoid leaving your cartridge in cold areas. Cold temperatures can cause the liquid to crystallize or become excessively thick, making clogs almost inevitable.

Use High Quality Cannabis Distillate 

Pay attention to the quality of your distillate. Opt for high-quality brands such as Injoy Extracts, low-quality cartridges may be more susceptible to clogging. This could be due to defective materials, inadequate airflow, a narrow mouthpiece channel, or the inclusion of low-quality distillate whether its Delta 8 distillate or HHC distillate, all low quality extracts are prone to clogging.

Use A High Quality Vape Battery

Now you know how to stop carts from clogging. We hope these quick, easy tips help you; if not today, perhaps sometime in the future. And always remember that cartridges are very temperamental, and using a high-quality vape battery may work the best no matter what kind of extract you are smoking. But it would be best if you remembered, no matter the price you paid or how high-end your cannabis cartridge is, everyone sooner or later will have to deal with a clogged cart. Keep calm, be patient, exercise some of the tips we provided above, and watch your cart come back to life!