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cake THCA cart also has THCM, THCP, and delta 8 thc and is flavored with pineapple upside down cake terpenes

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CAKE Cartridge Highlights


CAKE THCA Cartridges: Leading the Charge

CAKE showcases its pioneering spirit with its exceptional 2.0g TKO blend cartridges. The TKO series features a hearty 2000mg combination of THC-M, Delta 8 Liquid Diamonds, THC-A, and THC-P, further enhanced with Live Resin Terpenes. 

CAKE's Live Rosin THCA Cartridges

Setting new standards in the vape industry, CAKE's THCA Vape Cartridges infused with Live Rosin are trailblazers. These distinct cartridges are fortified with high-grade 99% THCA Diamonds and cannabis terpenes. Vape lovers can anticipate an unmatched experience.

What Makes Live Rosin THCA Stand Out?

THCA is gaining fame for its powerful effects, standing toe-to-toe with Delta 9 THC products, and they are much stronger than Delta 8 and HHC. As the latest sensation in the vape market, Live Rosin THCA cartridges captivate with their premium terpene blend, offering unrivaled taste and scent. For those with a discerning palate, CAKE cartridges embody excellence.

Preserving Your CAKE Cartridge

To ensure longevity, it's best to store your cartridge in a dark space. Extended exposure to light or harsh conditions can hasten oxidation, potentially affecting the cartridge's strength and taste.


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CAKE TKO Live Resin Series – THC-M + THCA + D8 + THC-P


    cake THCA disposable vape


    THCA diamonds come in a 1 gram jar and are 99.9% pure

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    THCA Caviar Pre Rolls - 2g


      THCA caviar prerolls come with 2 grams of THCA flower in each preroll and are rolled in keif and THCA crystals


      CAKE Disposable Vape THC-P + Delta 8 + HXC


        CAKE Disposable Vape THC-P + Delta 8 + HXC



        THCA Pre Rolls - 2g


          THCA Caviar Pre Rolls with 2 grams of THCA flower in each joint


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