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Vibrant pack of Mixed Fruit 75mg Delta 8 Gummies, showcasing a delicious assortment of fruit flavors and quality vegan ingredients.

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Mixed Fruit 75mg Delta 8 Gummies Overview

Contents: A vibrant assortment of 114 Mixed Fruit-flavored gummies, each with a potent dose of 75mg Delta 8 THC.


  • Vegan formulation to suit all dietary preferences.
  • Utterly devoid of Delta 9 THC for a controlled, enjoyable experience.
  • Proudly produced in the USA from premium, hemp-derived Delta 8 THC.
  • Stringently tested by third-party labs to ensure the highest quality and safety standards.


Savor the Rich Blend of Mixed Fruit Delta 8 Gummies

Our Mixed Fruit 75mg Delta 8 gummies offer an exquisite escape for those who prefer a subtler, more enjoyable high. Delta 8 THC provides a gentler high compared to Delta 9 THC, wrapped in an explosion of mixed fruit flavors for an irresistibly sweet journey.


The Soothing Effects of Mixed Fruit Delta 8 Gummies

Enjoy a tranquil, enjoyable high that enhances relaxation and mood without overwhelming. Users often report a sense of increased peace, uplifted mood, and sharper focus, making Mixed Fruit an excellent selection for those seeking to enhance their daily experiences with a touch of fruity goodness.


Duration and Onset of Effects

The effects of our Mixed Fruit 75mg Delta 8 gummies can last several hours, with peak experiences unfolding between 30 minutes to 2.5 hours after consumption. The onset and duration of effects vary among individuals, depending on metabolic rates. It's recommended to start with a smaller dose and allow sufficient time for the results to manifest before consuming more.


Legal Enjoyment of Mixed Fruit Delta 8 Gummies

Despite Delta 8 THC being federally legal in the USA, state laws on its consumption can vary. Before indulging in Mixed Fruit Delta 8 gummies, check your jurisdiction's legal status and consult a healthcare provider before starting any new dietary supplement, especially if you have health concerns.


Delta 8 gummy Ingredients:

Sugar, tapioca syrup, DI water, pectin, citric acid,  hemp-derived delta 8 THC distillate, sodium citrate, natural flavoring, natural coloring  


Delta 8 Gummies Nutrition Facts:

 Serving size: 1 gummy (3.5g), amount per serving DV%, Calories 8, Total Carbohydrates 2g (1%), dietary fiber 0g, Total Sugars 2g, Total Fat 0g (0%), vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 0%, calcium 0%, iron 0% 

Immerse yourself in the delightful medley of flavors with Mixed Fruit Delta 8 Gummies, your ideal choice for a mild yet satisfying THC experience.


  • Best CBD Confectionary - CBD Expo Midwest

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