AiroPro Facts and Commonly Asked Questions

 How do I use my AiroPro or AiroSport vaporizer?

1. Remove the clear mouthpiece from the vaporizer.

2. Insert an AiroPod cartridge into your vaporizer. The magnet will connect the AiroPod cartridge firmly in place.

3. Draw on the colored mouthpiece to activate vaping. Vaporizer will pulse to confirm activation.

4. To remove an empty cartridge or swap out cartridges, pull the AiroPod cartridge out of the vaporizer.

 How do I charge my AiroPro or AiroSport vaporizer?

1. Remove the AiroPod cartridge from the vaporizer before charging.

2. Insert micro-USB into the end of the vaporizer. Plug the USB into the active port or wall adapter.

3. Halo pulses red, indicating the device is charging.

4. Halo changes to solid green once the device is fully charged.

*This device is equipped with overcharge protection, allowing it to stay plugged in until used.

 What do the different pulses and light colors on my AiroPro vaporizer mean?

1 pulse = 20% AiroPro battery capacity remaining (recharging recommended)

- 2 pulses = 5% AiroPro battery capacity remaining

- Halo flashes 10 times = 0% battery capacity remaining

5 Pulses = There may be a connection issue. Please try cleaning your AiroPro vaporizer and make sure that it’s charged. AiroPro & AiroSport vaporizers have a one-year warranty - please see below for more information.

 How can I clean my AiroPro or AiroSport vaporizer?

We encourage you to clean your AiroPro or AiroSport vaporizer regularly to prolong the life of your device. Please review our cleaning instructions by clicking Here. 

 How do I care for my AiroPro or AiroSport vaporizer?

- AiroPod cartridge should be removed from the vaporizer before charging.

- Regularly clean your AiroPro or AiroSport vaporizer. Please click here for instructions.

- Avoid dropping your device.

- Avoid exposure to moisture or water damage.

- Do not attempt to repair or modify your device or use any cartridge besides an AiroPod cartridge. This will void your warranty.

 How do I store my Airo products?

Given the natural properties of extracted cannabis oil, Airo products' performance is optimized when stored and consumed at average room temperatures.

To preserve cartridge integrity and optimize oil flow within the atomizer, we recommend storing the cartridge and battery separately (not with the cartridge installed in the battery) in a cool, dark, dry place while not in use and regularly cleaning the magnetic contact point of the vaporizer and the bottom of the cartridge.

Just like extreme heat exposure can cause leaks, excessive exposure to cold may cause minor clogs to become harder to remove until the room temperature conditions improve and the equipment appropriately adjusts to it.

To maximize battery life on our vaporizer devices, please keep your Airo products away from extreme cold and hot temperatures. Make sure to leave your Airo products out of your car or outside. Vaporizer devices exposed to extremely hot or cold conditions for sustained periods accelerate charge depletion.

 What is the warranty on my AiroPro or AiroSport vaporizer?

We offer a 12-month (365-day) warranty from the original purchase date from one of our licensed dispensaries or stores. For your convenience, the defective vaporizer exchange should be handled first at the retailer where you originally purchased the product. If you choose to contact us via email at rather than the dispensary from where it was purchased, we require the original receipt as proof of purchase. As mentioned in our vaporizer's user manual, the one-year warranty covers defects in material or workmanship. The warranty will be voided if the vaporizer has been tampered with or altered. Once we have received and reviewed the specific information we've requested from you, we may then ship the replacement.

If you are experiencing issues with your AiroPro or AiroSport vaporizer and have owned it for less than one year (12 months), please get in touch with us at

We cannot issue refunds for AiroPro or AiroSport vaporizers. Refunds may be handled by the dispensary or store where you originally purchased it since they executed the original transaction and are subject to their respective return policies.

 How do I use my AiroX Disposable Vaporizer?

Draw on the mouthpiece to activate vaping. Unlike the AiroPro and AiroSport vaporizers, there is no haptic feedback. The device will light up to indicate that it's active during usage. When the light blinks repeatedly, the battery is expired, and it's time to get a new one or try our rechargeable AiroPro vaporizer!

 Can I return an AiroPod cartridge?

Due to state regulations, we cannot accept AiroPod cartridges. Unfortunately all sales are final.

 What is inside of my AiroPod cartridge?

 What is inside of my AiroPod cartridge?

 Why do some of my AiroPod cartridges have different fill levels when purchased?

You may notice an empty area above the oil when you look at a filled cartridge. This is not an under-filled or malfunctioning cartridge but a phenomenon called 'headspace.' After filling your cartridge, the atomizer absorbs the oil in the following hours. Due to its large size and porous ceramic wick, the atomizer can absorb up to 0.15g of a 0.5g cartridge. Our cartridges are weighed to carry the amount/capacity they intend to have. All oil is still in the cartridge but absorbed and out of view. Like a bag of potato chips, headspace is essential for adequately transporting and using this product.

 What cartridges work with the AiroPro or AiroSport vaporizer?

The Airo system is a proprietary closed system meaning that AiroPod cartridges and AiroPro or AiroSport vaporizers only work with one other. They were harmoniously designed to ensure an optimal experience and put your safety first. By not being refillable, you know you can trust the lab-tested oil inside each cartridge.

 Where can I find AiroPro, AiroSport or AiroX vaporizers or AiroPod cartridges?

 What if I still have a question?

Airo Brands Customer Service 

Reach us out at customer support ( so that we can assist.

Injoy Extracts Customer Service 

Reach us out at customer support Click Here so that we can assist.

How To Clean Your AiroPro Vape 

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