Delta-8-THC vs. Delta-9-THC

1973 study released the statistic of delta-8 having 65-70% less psychoactive effects as delta-9 or less than 2/3.  Delta-8 THC gives people the ability to gain many of the same benefits of delta-9-THC, but with less of an actual high.  This comparison is comforting for many people who say that delta-9 -THC products sold today are too potent and raise their anxiety levels.

As mentioned above, this lack of psychoactive effects makes users experience less anxiety, making for a good alternative for users who want the benefits of THC – medical or otherwise without feeling like they have no control.  Every human being is different when it comes to the body’s reaction to delta-8 THC.  Many people report that it produces a feeling that is less heavy than Delta-9-THC, energizing, and provides clarity and relaxation.

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