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Delta 8 THC

Cannabis is a genus of hemp plants and is used as a medicinal and recreational drug prescribed to help with many medical conditions, including chronic pain, nausea, poor appetite, and glaucoma. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the compounds found in cannabis. One of its isomers, Delta 9, was first discovered in 1964. Delta 9 is the main component of the plant, which has psychoactive properties. When administered, it gets absorbed into your bloodstream and affects parts of the brain responsible for coordination, memory, movement, pleasure, and thinking.  

One of its other isomers, although not as well-known as Delta 9, is Delta 8. Delta 8 is quickly rising in popularity. As more research continues, we are slowly learning more about this isomer and how it is now seen as a replacement for Delta 9 because of several aspects, including availability, legal status, fewer side effects, price, etc. 

What Is Delta 8 THC? 

Delta 8 THC, an isotope of Delta 9 THC, is a cannabinoid only found in trace amounts. Cannabinoids are naturally found chemicals or compounds found inside the cannabis plant. Delta 8 THC is formed when Delta 9 THC oxidizes in the cannabis plant. 

Delta 8 THC vs. Delta 9 THC

Chemically, the major difference between Delta 8 THC and the Delta 9 THC is a double carbon bond on the 8th carbon in the formula chain in the former, whereas the latter has it on the 9th carbon.  However, this subtle change has garnered a lot of attention towards Delta 8 THC. The main reason for this interest is that Delta 8 THC has a less psychoactive element to it. Meaning it gets you high without any feelings of anxiety or paranoia. This has made it much more appealing for people who suffer from such conditions and its application in the medical field. As children might be more susceptible to anxiousness, this drug was administered on 8 children aged 3-13 diagnosed with cancer along with anticancer drugs. Vomiting was completely prevented, and the side effects observed were negligible. 

Delta 8 THC also is more stable than Delta 9 THC to various chemical reactions, including oxidation, making its shelf life longer. It is also cheaper to produce than Delta 9 THC. Since Delta 8 binds to only CB1 receptors, while Delta-9 binds to both CB1 and CB2 receptors, it is not addictive. 

5 Advantages Delta 8 THC has over Delta 9 THC

To reiterate, Delta 8 THC has several advantages over Delta 9 THC. Some of them are: 

  1. Gets you high without the mental side effects; no anxiety or paranoia
  2. Has less potency; lets you function even when you are high
  3. Is cheaper to produce
  4. Has longer shelf life; it is more chemically stable
  5. Is not addictive; only binds to CB1 receptor

What do consumers have to say about Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8-THC has become so popular, it now even has its own subreddit. Here’s what Delta 8 THC users have had to say about this promising drug often labeled as- the next big thing. 

“Hey, y'all! So a little background on me, I suffer from constant pain from having a messed up back, knees, and flat feet courtesy of the military. Mentally, I am an anxious wreck with anger issues and a long history of alcohol abuse. Seriously I use to drink like a fish every day: a shot or 2 before work, a glass for each meal including breakfast, and drink till I pass out to sleep. I have been doing this for years. Tried weed; I loved weed but couldn't handle it mentally. Tried CBD, loved it, but it wasn't quite hitting me there. Finally, I stumbled on this subreddit by accident about 4 weeks ago and discovered D8, and I gotta tell ya, I haven't had a single drop since. Like I can get the "high" feeling and still be able to function clearly? It's a dream come true. Been in a way better mood, the sleeping schedule has improved, pain is bearable, and I'm a more pleasant person to be around. It's a crying shame people are trying to stop the production of this wonderful drug. Well, I say they can shove it. Keep toking on my dudes!

Edited: Forgot to mention how the pain is bearable.”

“ As said already, the effects are similar to a 2:1 CBD: THC tincture. I love it! It is much less anxious, and more of a happy body feel. I definitely recommend everyone at least try it once. I like it more than normal THC.”

Hear hear!! Just got mine, and I LOVE it. A definite difference in an excellent body high with no anxiety. :)”

“I definitely notice a different high. Happy whole body feels and less of a psychoactive heady high. I can vouch for it vs. delta-9 distillate. I've never actually had a THC: CBD cart, so I can't really compare to those, but from what I'm hearing, the Delta-8 provides similar benefits/effects. Yet because of the potency, it still hits nice and hard.”

“It was the most pleasant feeling when dabbed. The delta 9 hit my head harder than it tho. Defs a body high with delta 8, too much, and you might be swaying.”

Impact of Corona Virus

The coronavirus has taken the world by storm. It has completely changed the way we lived our everyday lives. Seeing millions of people lose their lives and even more getting infected with this deadly disease, the entire economy collapsing, stock prices falling, businesses getting bankrupt, people losing their jobs has bound to take a toll on anyone. 


More than 200,000 people have succumbed to this deadly virus in the US alone, with total cases rising to almost 8.9 million. With nearly 75,000 cases daily, the situation is looking rather bleak. With the overburdened healthcare system currently occupied in dealing with corona patients, patients with other diseases and health conditions are getting neglected. 

According to the latest research, scientists argue COVID-19 to be treated as an acute inflammatory disease. Since a 2018 study has shown potential for treating pain and inflammation with Delta-8 THC (and CBD), there’s a new outlook of using Delta 8 THC in the treating process. However, more research needs to be done on this perspective to decide anything conclusive.


Other than having medical consequences, it has also had severe economic ramifications as well. According to the US Labor Department, in just two months after the corona lockdown, over 36.5 million people had filed for unemployment claims. The virus hit the lower-income class the greatest. Even though the stimulus check program- an emergency budget granting those in the United States who earn less than $75,000 a year to receive a one-time, non-taxable check for $1,200, while households with dependents to be able to claim a total of up to $6,000- people were still struggling to pay their bills, debts, and rents. Many even raking up more debt to clear the previous ones. 

Because most U.S. workers rely on their employer or a family member’s employer for health insurance, millions of people have lost their health insurance as well, rendering their access to healthcare and medicines. Since Delta 8 THC is easily available, people are turning towards it. Whereas, the existing users gauging the situation of closed borders and broken supply chains are quickly ordering in more doses than they need if there is a shortage. 


While both the health and economic impact have been significant, the social impact has not been any less. Many of us have seen social distancing for the first time due to this virus. Covid 19 has closed or limited our access to public places such as hotels, restaurants, cinemas, gymnasiums, and other recreational places. It has disrupted the celebration of events, be it cultural, festive, or religious. It has disturbed the functionality of large-scale sports. All in all, it has limited how we lived our lives and confined us. Staying at home in isolation had become the new norm, though thankfully, the states are no longer in lockdown.  

According to research done by the University of Michigan, these social restrictions have had a dire impact. They have led people to consume alcohol and drugs to cope with stress and depression. “Adults use various coping strategies to deal with mental and physical health concerns related to uncertainty with the pandemic. The concerns include feeling tired or having little energy, trouble sleeping and relaxing, and feeling hopeless and afraid,” said Shawna Lee, the lead reporter of this study. 

Natural Disasters 

The US has had 16 natural disasters, including droughts, hurricanes, and wildfires so far this year has not helped. These natural disasters, each of which have caused $1 billion worth of damage at least. Wildfires on the west coast have burned at least 4 million acres (about half the Belgium area) of land across California. With the August Complex fire, these fires still burning, which started this year dubbed as the largest fire in Californian history. According to the New York Times, tens of thousands of Californians were forced to flee their homes from Orange County, as two wildfires continued to spread and destroyed almost 11,000 homes. It is not just wildfires; hurricanes and storms have affected the Americans, especially the coastal states. Just this August, thousands of people were evacuated from Texas and Louisiana because of Hurricane Laura, killing at least 26 people, leaving thousands without a home, 280,000 people without access to clean water, and causing more than $14 billion worth damage. 

All of this has brought a tremendous amount of uncertainty in our lives, and this has proved to be very depressive and stressful, especially to those who are most affected by it. Worrying about your health and your loved ones, about your financial situation, home, and lack of social experiences, has spiked the anxiety and depression levels across the states, making people turn towards alcohol and hemp-related drugs to ease themselves. According to an online survey collected by the CDC, around 40% of Americans, on average, have reported symptoms of Anxiety Disorder or Depressive Disorder. According to the researchers from the Journal of Addictive Diseases, cannabis users who had mental health conditions reported their medical usage to have increased by 91% since the coronavirus outbreak, with 65.3% reporting their use as daily. With nearly all of the 33 states declaring marijuana businesses as an essential service, allowing them to remain just like pharmacies has greatly increased the accessibility of cannabinoids such as Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC. 


All these factors, coupled with the impending loom of the coronavirus’s second wave and inaccessibility of western medicines due to no health insurance, have seen people swarming towards cannabinoids. In this situation, Delta 8 THC serves as the best choice. It has a lower psychotropic potency, making it much more appealing to people who can now get its benefits without getting anxious and fear it being addictive and too mentally stimulating.

What type of Delta-8 THC products are available? 

 Delta-8 THC products are available in nearly every form. That means consumers can vaporize, eat, or ingest Delta-8 using the following types of products: 
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