Receiving and Storing Chocolate Mushrooms

Receiving and Storing Chocolate Mushrooms

Proper Care for Your Tre House Chocolate Delivery: Ensuring Quality in The Summer

After receiving your Tre House magic mushroom chocolate bars, managing their condition is crucial, especially during summer. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you keep your chocolate in perfect shape from the moment it arrives.

Immediate Care Upon Arrival

Steps to Follow:

  • Refrigerate Immediately: Place the unopened chocolate package into the refrigerator upon arrival. This helps re-solidify any melted chocolate without disturbing its structure.
  • Duration in the Fridge: For optimal results, keep the chocolate in the refrigerator for at least one hour, though waiting for three hours is ideal.
  • Check for Melting: It's difficult to determine if the chocolate has melted while it's still in its package, but if external temperatures are 80°F or higher, assume the chocolate may be soft.

Why This Matters:

  • Preserving Break Lines: Refrigeration helps maintain the chocolate's break lines, which is crucial for consistent dosing and ease of use.
  • Preventing Dose Discrepancy: Intact break lines ensure uniform squares, which are essential for products requiring precise dosing.


Understanding Chocolate Melting Risks and Prevention

Chocolate is vulnerable to heat, with a softening point between 80 and 85°F and a melting point around 86 to 93°F. Special care is necessary considering the internal conditions of mailboxes and delivery trucks, which can exceed outdoor temperatures by 20+ degrees.

Our Shipping and Storage Guidelines:

  • Temperature-Controlled Shipping: We only ship our Tre House chocolates Monday through Thursday from April through May to September through October to avoid weekend delays and potential heat exposure.
  • Protective Measures: We use insulation and ice packs to safeguard your chocolate during transit.
  • Temperature-Controlled Storage: We ensure the product is as cool as possible before packing. If stored at 54F, it will take longer to reach its melt point than if you ship it from 68-72F. All of our Tre House Chocolate bars ship from a storage room kept at 34F! This gives the chocolate an extra day, three days instead of two, to be exposed to excessive heat just in case of a shipping delay from the carrier.
  • Post-packaging procedures: Immediately after the Tre House chocolates get packaged for shipping, they return to our 34F storage room until they are picked up and processed by the shipping carrier.


Do Mushroom Chocolate Bars Lose Potency because of Excessive Heat?

  • Your chocolate bars will not lose any potency during shipping; they would have to be in extreme heat or freezing temperatures for a lengthy period.  

Do not freeze your chocolate bars:

  • When storing your Tre House Magic Mushroom Bar, it is crucial to select a cool and dark environment, preferably maintaining temperatures below 70°F (21°C). Avoid freezing the magic mushroom bar, as the formation of ice crystals can compromise the quality and integrity of the active compounds, impacting their effectiveness.


Proper storage practices are crucial for maintaining the potency and safety of Tre House products. Adhering to these guidelines helps ensure consistent dosing and quality, leading to a safer and more enjoyable experience.



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