Yocan Vane Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Yocan Battery

Brand: Yocan


Available Colors:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver


  • Yocan Vane Dry Herb Pen
  • 1100mAh Battery Capacity
  • Adjustable Temperature 200°F-480°F
  • Ceramic Conduction Oven/Heating Chamber
  • OLED Screen
  • Dimension: H 3.15" X W 1.18" X D 0.79"
  • Weight: 2 oz


    • 1x Yocan Vane Vaporizer
    • 1x Cleaning Brush
    • 1x USB Charger
    • 1x Instruction Manual

      Yocan Battery Instructions:

      • On/Off:  Press button 5 times within 2 seconds
      • Session Duration Options:  3 minutes, 5 minutes
      • Change Session Duration:  Press the power button and the down button at the same time
      • Temperature Adjustment:  + and - buttons  (200-480°F)

      About the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer


      Designed to take on some of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market today, the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer is developed and engineered to outlast and outperform dry herb vaporizers twice its price and size.

      The Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer is Yocan's latest entry to the dry herb vaporizer platform and uses some of the best technologies best suited for dry herb vaporization. To begin with, you’ll find that the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer is outfitted with a ceramic heating element that allows this compact and portable dry herb vaporizer to vaporize your botanicals without reaching the point of combustion. This only means that your herbs are vaporized and not burned. This is complemented by the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer’s conduction oven, which furthers its ability to vaporize the herbs almost instantaneously. This heating method is paired with a precision temperature control that allows you to choose the right temperature setting to heat your herbs depending on your needs. Higher temperature profiles allow you to extract the potent active ingredients from your herbs. In contrast, the lower temperature profiles allow you to enjoy the flavorful vapor production native to your botanical plant matter. Inside the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer, you’ll find a more-than-capable 1100mAh battery that juices up this digital dry herb vape and provides substantial vape sessions in between charges. And should the need to recharge your device arises, you’ll have no problems since the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer uses the new USB-C technology in recharging your device.

      The Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer is the complete package giving you the best of today’s technology has to offer. If you require a dependable and reliable daily driver for vaping your select dry herb strains, look no further. The Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer is the only dry herb vaporizer you’ll ever need.


      Yocan Vane Design


      Forward-looking. The Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer is designed to be a future-proof vaporizer that’s very less likely to become obsolete. It was designed and engineered to provide you with a portable dry herb vaporizer with looks and technology that will remain relevant for years and even for decades to come. This makes the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer a practical investment since you won’t always have to update and upgrade to a newer dry herb vaporizer every year. The Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer exterior is made to be simple and sleek, with only a large square power button on the front coupled with two smaller “=” and “-” buttons below. Yocan has also outfitted the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer with a crisp OLED screen to display the device’s functions and notifications to accentuate these buttons. Aside from that, the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer exterior looks clean and minimal, with only the model name “Vane” appearing at the bottom-most part of the unit.


      yocan vane design


      The Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer measures only 3.1 inches tall (with the mouthpiece on) and 1.1 inches wide, making its dimensions perfect for on-the-go use. You can easily slide the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer in your pocket and even in your purse because of its compact build. The body itself is made of high-quality material,s so it won’t easily break on you even if you use it daily and even subject it to constant carrying activities.

      The Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer uses simple but sophisticated design language, making it an ideal vaporizer with looks relevant for years to come. A modern classic in both its looks and its technology.


      Premium Pocket Vaporizer


      The Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer is one of the very few portable dry herb vaporizers on the market today that uses conduction heating to heat your herbs. It's common for today’s dry herb vaporizers to use conduction heating primarily because it’s easier and cheaper to produce. Nevertheless, Yocan aims for the high road and outfits the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer with a ceramic oven to ensure that your botanicals are vaporized and not burned – a rarity amongst small and compact dry herbs. The ceramic heating element and the conduction oven makes it so that the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer offers premium vaporization without breaking the bank. Although conduction heating uses the heat coming from the walls and the oven floor, the use of ceramic lets the device avoid burning or charring of the herbs. This is something you can find only on top-tier vaporizers that also have top-tier price tags. To top it all off, the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer is also equipped with a precision temperature control setting that allows you to change the temperature profile of this portable dry herb vaporizer, allowing you to change the temperature level you are to expose your herbs too. As we’ve covered above, the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer is capable of heating the herbs at a lower temperature setting, which allows the extraction of the natural terpenes and flavonoids in your select dry herb strains. This results in more flavorful vapor production not only because the herbs are never burned and that the true flavor of your herbs is not masked by the taste of burned and charred botanicals. On the other hand, you can crank the temperature to the highest setting, which offers more potent vapor production as the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer’s higher temperature profiles are designed to release the psychoactive compounds herbs.


      yocan vane vibration function


      Another feature that adds to the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer's premium feel is its protective features. The Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer has NTC protection, no atomizer protection, and has short-circuited protection or when the atomizer resistance is below 0.5-Ohm. It even has a 30-minute power off safety feature, which automatically turns the device off, preventing accidental misfires when you have the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer in your pocket.

      The Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer is a compact device that you can take with you almost wherever you go because of its small size and compact build. Make the Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer your new daily driver now!


      Yocan Vane Manual


      Preparing the Yocan Vane 


      1. Make sure that you fully charge the Yocan Vane battery before use.
      2. Once you have secured a fully charged battery, turn the vaporizer on by pressing the power button 5 times in two seconds.


      Note: The power button is located at the upper part of the OLED screen facing outwards. 


      Loading the Yocan Vane 


      1. Prepare your botanicals; use an herb grinder to grind them into smaller and finer pieces for best results.
      2. Open the ceramic chamber by lifting the magnetic mouthpiece away from the battery.
      3. Carefully load the ground botanicals into the ceramic chamber.
      4. Replace the mouthpiece by connecting it back to the magnetic connection of the battery.


      Note: You can use a small piece of paper folded halfway to funnel the ground materials into the chamber to avoid wastage. Also, when grinding your herbs, flip the grinder upside down if you want a finer grind. 


      Vaping with the Yocan Vane 


      1. Make sure that the Yocan Vane is fully charged and is loaded with your select botanical strains before you start vaping.
      2. After you have loaded the Yocan Vane, press your lips near the mouthpiece of the Yocan Vane and prepare to inhale.
      3. Press and hold the power button of the Yocan Vane, and once the Yocan Vane creates vapors, pull and draw from the mouthpiece.
      4. Repeat this process after the herbs are fully vaporized, or you may stop after a full cycle.


      Care and Maintenance of the Yocan Vane 


      The Yocan Vane is made with few parts, which make it a solid device and is likewise easy to clean and maintain. The Yocan Vane is a dry herb vaporizer and requires only a few steps to clean, especially its chamber. To clean your Yocan Vane, follow the steps below. 

      1. Wipe off any dirt or residue on the battery with a dry paper towel and continue to reassemble the Yocan Vane.
      2. Make sure to follow charging instructions and use the dedicated charger to avoid damaging the Yocan Vane.

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