Electric Nectar Collector

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Randys - Nectar Collector for Dabs


Brand: Randy's

How to Use:

  • To Turn On/Off: 5 Rapid Clicks
  • To Change Heat Settings: 2 Rapid Clicks
  • To Preheat Cartridges: 3 Rapid Clicks 
  • Full Battery: Blue Light
  • Low Battery: 8 Red Flashes      



The Randy’s Path Vaporizer features an ergonomic body with a sleek black finish, providing the power to vape your waxes and oils without the need for a big bulky rig. This vaporizer pen is the most simple and convenient way to dab, effectively eliminating the need for any loading and doing away with the large, messy dab stations associated with wax concentrates. The Path is small enough to slide right into your pockets when on the go and includes a durable cover that protects the quartz tip when not in use. Grab this award-winning, game-changing Randy’s Path Vaporizer today and start enjoying your concentrates with all the intensity of a dab rig but with the reliable portability of a vaporizer pen.


Portable and Discreet 

The Randy's Path is a portable e-straw, a vaporizer designed to work as a nectar collector with an airway through the vape's body. No more carrying around e-rigs or bulky tools; bring a container of your favorite dabs and let the Path do all the work! With the included Crushed Quartz Tip installed on the 510-threaded front end of the Path, press the button to heat the tip and directly dab into your concentrates.


Three Heat Settings For Complete Control

Low- 3.2v |  Medium - 3.8v | High 4.1v 

With three temperature settings, just a few buttons click away, the Randy's Path Vaporizer gives you complete control over the intensity of your vapor profiles. The 3 preset temperature settings (3.2v, 3.6v, 4.1v) make the Path great for vaporizing any number of concentrates at any viscosity and are indicated by colored LED lights around the power button. Like the 3.2v, lower temperature settings are best for flavor-savors or even beginners who might not enjoy blowing huge clouds of vapor right away. Higher temperatures, such as the 4.1v, are powerful enough for even the most professional dabber. No matter what temperature you choose, Randy’s Path is an excellent choice for elevating your dabbing experience to the next level.


Nectar Sesh Mode

15 Second Preheat, 30 second Session

When you're ready to take a deep dive into your dabs, whether alone or with friends, the Randy's Peak has a Pre-Heat & Sesh mode ready to keep your e-straw at-temp and ready for any dabbing. Press the vape's button three times to begin pre-heat and enter the Nectar Session mode. The colored light near the button will begin to flash as it heats up, flashing the selected Voltage setting's color. The temperature can be changed with a single click of the button. After the initial 15 second pre-heat, the light will stop flashing and remain illuminated, and the Path will maintain the current temperature for 30 seconds. If 30 seconds isn't enough, tap the button 3 more times to re-engage sesh mode if it ends too soon. If you're done while sesh mode is still going on, press the button 3 times to stop heating the tip.

Button Controls  

Standard  Path Controls


  • Turn On/Off: 5 Clicks
  • Change Heat Setting: 2 Clicks
  • Engage Pre-Heat / Sesh Mode: 3 Clicks


Nectar Session Button Controls


  • Begin Pre-Heat & Sesh Mode: 3 Clicks
  • Change Heat Setting: 1 Click
  • (When Sesh Mode is Over) Extend Sesh Mode: 3 Clicks
  • (While Sesh Mode is Active) End Sesh Mode: 3 Clicks


Indicators / Troubleshooting


Normal Use Indicators


  • Full Battery: Blue Light
  • Indication of Low Battery: 8 Red Flashes
  • Device Turning On/Off: 3 White Flashes


Warnings & Troubleshooting


  • 5 Yellow Flashes: No Tip or Cartridge detected.
  • 8 Purple Flashes: Device Overheated
    • Let Path cool down (10 minutes) before the next use.
  • 10 Yellow Flashes: Short Circuit
    • Contact Warranty.
  • 12 Flashes: Output Overload Alarm
  • 3 colored flashes of current heat setting: Button Output Over-time.


Instructions & How-To's


Attaching a 510 Cartridge

  1. Make sure that the quartz tip is fully cooled down.
  2. Unscrew the quartz tip counterclockwise.
  3. Attach 510 cartridges and screw cartridge on clockwise. Make sure not to overtighten.
  4. Select the desired voltage.
  5. Enjoy!


How to use Electronic Nectar Session


    1. Press the button 3 times to start the Nectar Session.
    2. In Nectar Session Mode, the device will keep heating for 15 seconds (indicated by flashing light).
    3. Once the device is preheated, it will stay to temperature for 30 seconds (indicated by solid light).
    4. After 30 seconds, press the button 3 times to restart.
    • During Nectar Session Mode, press the button 1 time to change the setting.
    • During Nectar Session Mode, press the button 3 times to end the session.


    How to use a Cartridge or other 510 Threaded Accessory


    1. Press the button 5 times to turn on/off.
    2. Press the button 2 times to change the setting
      1. Low: Blue: 3.2v
      2. Medium: Purple: 3.6v
      3. High: White: 4.1v
      4. Auto Preheat: Green/Blue Flashing: 2.7v
    3. Hold the button for 3 seconds to start heating (20-second max cycle)
    • Will return to Low Setting after the preheated cycle.




    • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
    • Approximate Time to Charge (Empty-Full): 3 Hours
    • Approximate Run Time (Full Charge): 15-20 Minutes
    • Temperature Range (Quartz Nectar Tip): 650deg F - 1200deg F
    • Voltage Range (510): 3.2v, 3.6v, 4.1v
    • Resistance: 1.2ohm
    • Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase
    • Battery Charging Current: 250mAh

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