Cartisan Tech - Black Box

Product Details

Black Box

Brand: Cartisan Tech

 Available Colors:

  • Black
  • Luna (Limited Edition)


Product Features:

  • 900 mAh rechargeable lithium ion Battery
  • 37mm(L) X 14.6mm(W) X 69mm(H)
  • Weighs 3.7oz
  • Soft Touch Rubberized finish
  • 5 mm opening for cartridges
  • compatible with 510 tank & Black Box magnetic adapter 


  • 1 X Cartisan Black Box device
  • 1 X Micro-USB cable
  • 2 X Silicone rings
  • 2 X Adapters (Tall and Short)


The Black Box is a special device designed to fit 510 cartridges of all sizes. The Black Box is equipped with a 900 mAh battery and a battery life indicator to ensure you’ll always be ready to go. Included in the package are two different magnetic adapters and two silicone rings to make sure your cartridge fits perfectly with the device. The Black Box features a simple and discreet design, made to fit seamlessly in your hand. The Black Box features a smooth rubberized finish that will make you want to never let go.



How do I turn the Black Box on?

Click the button five times quickly to turn the Black Box on/off.

How do I change the voltage of the Black Box?

Click the button three times quickly to change the voltage
settings. The Black Box has three different voltage settings

How do I get the battery life to display?

The battery life LED will activate when the device is turned on
or plugged into a micro USB charging cable.

What do I do if my Black Box won’t charge?

If the device won’t charge, try using a different charging cable or
power source. If you are still having issues charging the device
please contact your retailer for a replacement device.

Why does my device blink with a white/rainbow color?

The cartridge is not making a proper connection to the Black Box.
Try using a different adapter or a different cartridge. If this does
not work with ANY cartridge please contact your retailer for a
replacement device.

Please note that if you are contacting your retailer for a
replacement device, the condition of your Black Box will
be taken into consideration. Only Black Box’s with a
manufacturer defect will be replaced. 

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