Does THCO Get You High?

THCO gummies will definitely get you high, although the potency affects everyone differently. As mentioned, there is not much information about THC-O acetate, including THCO gummies or vapes, but based on its chemical structure THCO is stronger than Delta 9. This would mean THCO is much stronger than Delta 8 as well so keep that in mind when consuming THCO gummies.

The legality of THC-O is like other cannabinoids such as HHC gummies or Delta 8 - it’s a “grey area” that is constantly shifting. Always look up local county laws regarding anything you plan on purchasing as it’s your responsibility.

Since THCO will get you high and a feeling of euphoria, the ability to remain legal is because its a prodrug. This means THCO gummies need to go through the metabolism, converting it to basically delta-9 THC. The difference is the molecular structure signifies potentially THCO gummy strength being 5x stronger than Delta 9 gummies - these statistics vary with higher milligrams, the quality of THC-O distillate and more factors. As it’s a prodrug and inactive until conversion, it remains legal in most places although research daily as its subject to change.

How is THC-O Made?

THC-O is synthesized in a lab from hemp, which actually Delta 8 THC can be used to synthesize THCO gummies. The process is complex on paper but involves altering the molecular structure of delta-9 THC and converting it using solvents to increase potency, separating it from the chemical replica chemical structure of delta-9 THC.

Never attempt to make any type of extract for THCO gummies or Delta 8, Delta 9 or other cannabinoids. Hemp extraction is done by professionals in a safe and controlled environment. Additionally, make sure you are purchasing THCO gummies from a reputable company that has lab tests performed on their products; which is priority here at Injoy Extracts!

What are THCO Gummies?

THC-O Acetate is a man-made cannabinoid, produced with the use of two specific chemicals to acetylate THC. Acting as a metabolic prodrug for THC itself, THC-O works in the same manner as other prodrugs which first need to be broken down and processed before realizing what the effects of THCO gummies feel like. Expect THCO gummies to be more potent than Delta 9 gummies.

THCO gummies contain psychedelic properties, as well as relaxing but uplifting and energetic body euphoria. All cannabinoids affect individuals differently, but based on chemical structure and users; THCO gummies are stronger than Delta 8 gummies so be prepared for heavier effects.

Is THCO Safe in Gummies and to Vape?

THCO is a synthetic cannabinoid, production of THC-O should only be performed in professional labs and quality tested for purity. This is the same as THC concentrates dispensaries retail. We offerTHC O distillate for those looking to create their own THCO edibles or even THCO dabs.

Currently, the rise of THCO gummies is still new, hot, and becoming mainstream slowly. Currently no reports of overdosing or harmful, adverse effects have been submitted by users consuming THCO gummies, or vaping THC-O with Delta 8. 

DO NOT CONFUSE THC-O gummies as “SPICE.” This harmful, misinformation regarding chemically laced spices, dubbed Spice years back. THC-O is NOT the same in any manner, it is a hemp-derived cannabinoid like Delta 8, HHC gummies, Delta 9 and the rest . THCO gummies, Delta 8 gummies, and even CBD are all synthetic processes thanks to the Farm Bill that opened the door to retail hemp-derived products. The process for THC-O and HHC-O is an acetate process, which increases the potency by altering the chemical structure.

Research, and start very slow when dosing THCO gummies. Not indented for consumption for anyone under 21 years of age and always keep any substance away from pets and children.

How long does THC-O last?

As mentioned, THC-O is a “prodrug” meaning it must metabolize in your body before it converts to THC taking effect. This means THC-O gummies, even THCO vape carts can take a longer for “THCO to kick in.”

THC-O effects, as well as the benefits of THCO are reported to last a while. This is due to the potency of THC-O compared to Delta 8 and other cannabinoids, but also the acetate process. As we see comparing HHC to HHC-O, many reports that HHC-O acetate products - especially HHC gummies with HHC-O actually take effect faster and for a longer duration.

As always, tolerance, individual reactions and the quality of THC-O distillate will affect the duration. Be sure to purchase THCO gummies from a reputable vendor as with any product.

How much THC-O Should I take?

Many inquire after reading THC-O Reddit reviews, wondering will THC O make you trip? Is THC-O actually a psychedelic cannabinoid, as it’s claimed to be?

THCO gummies, THC-O Vapes all derived from THC-O distillate are still relatively new to consumers. Current dosage charts for THC-O provide ranges as rough guidelines below.

The minimum dose of THC-O needed to produce psychoactive effects:

- Approx. 2mg orally or 0.5 mg if inhaled through a THCO-vape cart or dabbing THC-O distillate.

“Standard” psychoactive dose: Between 1 – 3 mg when inhaled through a cart or distillate dab, 3 – 10 mg if eating a THC-O acetate gummy or tincture.

Powerful ‘psychedelic’ dose: 10 mg or higher when consumed orally in a THC-O edible or tincture. 5mg or higher when using a THC-O cartridge, THC-O flower, or pure THC-O distillate.

Consumers have reported THC-O psychoactive effects, especially at higher doses. Always dose low, go slow…enjoy the show!
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Does THC O show up on a drug test?

The molecular structure of THC-O which goes by various names, thc-0 gummies, THC-O Acetate, thco, thc0; is a THC analog similar to delta-8, delta-9 and delta-10 THC. While HHC can be considered a THC analog, HHC is legal in states in a grey area.

With that said, THCO gummies metabolize into your body the same as Delta 8 gummies or Delta 9 gummies. As THC-O legality is technically Federal based on the 2018 Farm Bill - when facing a drug test for any reason THC-O absorbs into your body the same as THC, indicating it will make THC O show up on a drug test.

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What are the effects of Delta 8 vs THC-O? Delta 9 vs THCO?

Lately, Delta 9 gummies and legal edibles are taking the spotlight nationwide, as it’s been successfully extracted from hemp plants, which makes Delta 9 THC gummies Federally Compliant!

Delta 9 THC vs THC-O? Based on user reports, such as THC-O acetate trip report, with little science behind it due to it’s recent use in THC-O acetate gummies, THC-O vape carts and other products have been said to be potentially two to three times stronger than Delta 9 THC. According to some scientific figures, THC-O can be 300% more potent than traditional Delta 9 THC. However, that potency doesn’t always translate to exactly what we believe.

Delta 8 Vs THC-O users generally report a much more potent experience than Delta 8 gummies alone. This is due to Delta 8 THC being less potent than Delta 9 itself.

Consumers of this rising cannabinoid claim THC-O Acetate is a more introspective and psychedelic experience compared to Delta 8 THC vs Delta 9, which is possibly attributed to the extreme potency of THC-O distillate. Similar to Delta 8 THC, THC-O can only be made through isolation, which confines most THC-O acetate products to be either a THC-O cartridge, THC-O tincture or THC-O gummies.

Is hemp THC-O Federally Legal?

Hemp-derived always enters a grey area as many THC analogs like Delta-8 are considered. The 2018 Farm Bill revolutionized the hemp industry, states have recently begun greenlighting legal Delta 9 gummies derived from hemp and the world is learning the benefits of CBN gummies, CBG gummies and cannabinoids previously unknown.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen Delta 8 legal in Texas kicked off a trend of states targeting these so-called analogs. As THC-O compared to Delta 9 is reported to be three times more potent based on molecular structure; states such as North Dakota and Michigan have begun reviewing THC-O legality by regulating all isomers of THC.

Legislation changes quickly, it’s your responsibility to remain updated on the legality of any products, such as bulk Delta 8 gummies online.